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diminution / уменьшение, снижение, сокращение
имя существительное
decrease, reduction, decline, diminution, mitigation, lessening
decline, cut, drop, fall, depression, diminution
abbreviation, reduction, contraction, shortening, shrinking, diminution
имя существительное
a reduction in the size, extent, or importance of something.
a permanent diminution in value
The effect of the laws was to reduce total turnover by about 10 per cent, with a corresponding diminution of imports from other Member States.
The obsession with size - or the diminution thereof - seems to lead some people to lose sight of what really matters, which is profitability.
But it is hard to sustain that insistence on the preservation of the Catholic tradition on the one hand with a total insistence on the diminution of a Protestant tradition on the other.
The other concerns some of the central moral arguments for the elimination of sex roles and the diminution , if not elimination, of the importance of distinctions connected with one's sex or race.
But it would signal a significant diminution of polarization only if the candidate were able to hold onto enough of the base to win the general election.
a permanent diminution in value
Their combined activities result in a net diminution of wealth across the board, whether peanut farmers or tobacco farmers win their vaunted subsidies.
Any attempt to force a decision on a woman represents a diminution of the woman's ability to control her own body, revealing an attitude that ‘women do not know what is good for them’.
The old man told him, with vain regrets, as age was creeping on him, and he had been obliged to relinquish part of his duties, that of delivering the town letters, and this meant a considerable diminution of salary.
I want increased liberty, equality and fraternity, not a diminution of democracy as we are tiptoed into totalitarianism and authoritarianism.