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dim / тусклый, неясный, слабый
имя прилагательное
dim, dull, lackluster, faint, fishy, dingy
unclear, obscure, vague, dim, indistinct, ambiguous
weak, weakly, low, feeble, faint, dim
darken, obscure, dim, black out, obfuscate, dim out
dim, grow dim
имя существительное
darkness, dark, blackness, night, obscurity, dim
ближний свет фар
dimmer, dim
имя прилагательное
(of a light, color, or illuminated object) not shining brightly or clearly.
her face was softened by the dim light
not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind.
she had dim memories of that time
make or become less bright or distinct.
a smoky inferno that dimmed the sun
He emerges to the dim noise of pipes.
Failure at this period sharply limits a seedling's early growth and may dim the prospects of those involved.
But our chronically weak dollar is a clear sign that the global investment community thinks our economic prospects are dim .
As they assist weavers, children sit at cramped looms in damp, dim rooms.
This in turn will add to the already large numbers of unemployed and under-skilled youth on the streets of this country with dim prospects of jobs in the future.
She gazed down and suddenly one of the dim shapes moved, darting into a pool of light from the half moon to take the form of a man.
Her chestnut eyes were dim with sleepiness as they came in contact with his live blue ones.
When she stood back up, the blood rushed around her brain and made her eyes go dim for a moment.
She thought if she asked, she would sound somewhat dim .
It would have empowered me to be clueless too, instead of my holding on to the dim hope that things might work out.