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dilution / разведение, разбавление, растворение
имя существительное
breeding, dilution, cultivation, rearing, culture, propagation
dilution, attenuation
dissolution, solution, dilution, resolution
имя существительное
the action of making a liquid more dilute.
Strangely, this chimes with homoeopathic beliefs about the way that remedies become more active by increased dilution in polar solvents like water.
They're corrosive chemicals, but if you mix them with liquid and drink them, they will release friendly little oxygen bubbles in your stomach and dilution will counteract the corrosive effect.
The solutions used in all the experiments were prepared by dilution from the dialyzed one.
Coupled with dilution in ethical values there is this dramatic reduction in the obsession with the ritual.
While stock options offer management an incentive to perform well, overloaded stock-option accounts create the possibility of unwanted share value dilution .
Even if the acquisition was made for stock, shareholders may have suffered dilution .
Of the three, I would suggest that oxalic acid, at a dilution of 0.8%, is most efficacious.
The company is to buy up to another $150m in shares and retire $50m in debentures, to offset dilution caused by employee stock options and convertible debt.
In other words, more onerous debt is being taken on and distributed to the market place, rather than equity; less dilution for the shareholders, at the cost of owning a company with a more fragile balance sheet.
Low nutrient concentration due to weathering and dilution with water or soil decreases the value of manure.
‘In these circumstances, the nature and structure of public funding will have a pivotal role in underpinning both total content funding and preventing dilution by the commercial networks,’ says the report.