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dill / укроп, дурень
имя существительное
dill, fennel
prat, dolt, bubblehead, looby, noodle, dill
имя существительное
an aromatic annual herb of the parsley family, with fine blue-green leaves and yellow flowers. The leaves and seeds of dill are used for flavoring and for medicinal purposes.
Cool-season herbs including dill , fennel, parsley, cilantro, oregano, arugula, thyme and savory also can be planted.
You may pick a sprig of rosemary or thyme, or a few fronds of parsley or dill , but you'll pick an armload of basil.
A favorite recipe for a hot summer day is a cucumber salad, simply prepared with sliced cucumbers, plain yogurt, and sprigs of fresh dill .
A fillet is placed in a suitable recipient, skin side down, and strewn with fresh dill , crystallized salt, a little sugar, and white peppercorns.
In that case, consider planting insectary plants like dill , radishes, or tansy, which attract natural predators.
I opted for the chilled cucumber soup this time, full of refreshing green slivers in a thick yogurt-like base, accented by fresh dill .
Home grown herbs would have included coriander, dill , thyme, opium poppy and summer savoury.
Other powerful herbs include dill , garden thyme, rosemary and peppermint.
Whizz the bread and dill together in a food processor then spread the mixture over the top of the potatoes.
Herbs available throughout the year include bay leaves, mint, chives, rosemary, tarragon, chervil, oregano, thyme, sage, dill , basil, sorrel, curly parsley and flat parsley.
Fresh dill is widely available at this time of year - don't be tempted to make this with the dried equivalent.