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dilettante / дилетант, любитель
имя существительное
amateur, dilettante, dabbler, dilettant
amateur, lover, fan, buff, fancier, dilettante
имя прилагательное
amateurish, dilettante, amateur, dilettantish, dilettant
amateur, amateurish, dilettante, avocational, dilettant, non-professional
имя существительное
a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge.
a dilettante approach to science
Or does he impinge on our current consciousness as a dandified dilettante admired by his own period but of utter irrelevance to ours?
He wanted approval for his work, for the work's sake; he wasn't an amateur or a dilettante .
This is a woman who neglected her family, suffered the scorn of fellow journalists who considered her a glory-seeking dilettante and could be easily manipulated by those keen to point her in the wrong direction.
Is there really so little talent in the whole Liberal party that they gave the Communications job to a complete dilettante ?
a dilettante approach to science
As we discussed earlier, I'm a dilettante at best when it comes to dance, so I'm just going to be open about my ignorance.
A gentle aesthete and a shambolic dilettante , he was extraordinarily widely read, but shrewd and critical as well as omnivorous.
Far from playing the dilettante , the author shares his in-depth knowledge of the area's religion, history and politics with the reader.
Being in advance of one's time is generally the excuse of the mediocrity, the creator of second or even third rate work, the moderately talented dilettante who has no cultivated skill with which to communicate with a contemporary world.
This all-too-short book is for anyone interested in opera, from the dilettante to the fanatic.