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dike / дамба, дайка, плотина
имя существительное
dam, causeway, dike, dyke, levee, seawall
dike, dyke
dam, weir, dike, barrage, dyke, lock
защищать дамбой
dike, dyke
окапывать рвом
dike, dyke
осушать канавами
dyke, dike
имя существительное
a long wall or embankment built to prevent flooding from the sea.
Ponds are separated by dikes that prevent flooding and provide access routes to the ponds for electricity and aerator motors.
a ditch or watercourse.
At the same time, the construction of canals, ditches and dikes essential to irrigation demanded cooperation between different social groups.
provide (land) with a wall or embankment to prevent flooding.
In 1968, a rock-filled dam with a flood control gate system was built in the upper estuary of the Petitcodiac River, New Brunswick, as a road connection and to protect diked farmland from flooding.
It's research that might benefit the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, which is reclaimed delta surround by a dike .
The wall zone is about 2-5 cm thick, and the intermediate zone is about 1.5 meters in the thicker portion of the dike .
A granite dike, on the other hand, can give only a minimum age for the rock that the dike cuts across.
Huge platforms had been prepared and buried under cover of darkness which would soon serve as bridges over the dike and across the huge water filled ditch.
Sixty-six houses were flooded in Kostinbrod as well as part of the Roma neighbourhood in Ihtiman, Western Bulgaria where a dike burst and flooded the area.
After that, she led us along a thin, icy path on a dike between the channel and a deep, muddy ditch with (I don't know why) sharp sticks (the remains of a fence?) jutting up from the bottom.
This dike , in the vicinity where Richardson had mined high-grade gold ore, was believed to have had a damming effect on the ore solutions.
The Ajax vein structure contains both a mineralized quartz vein and brecciated mafic dike .
The area flanks Lake Pontchartrain and suffered from floods when a canal dike burst.
This location lies in the outer edge of the ring dike of the Lake George intrusive center approximately 0.5 mile northeast of the town of Lake George.