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digress / отвлекаться, отклоняться, отступать
digress, look aside
deviate, digress, deflect, depart, diverge, wander
back down, retreat, digress, depart, recede, back
leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing.
I have digressed a little from my original plan
Still, this is digressing from our main point of concern.
Wow, I have digressed so far even I can't remember what this was about.
Of this category of professors, feminists are the most passionate digressers .
They loved him even more when he digressed from his prepared speech to intervene in domestic British politics.
Moreover, she approaches subjects indirectly, digressing frequently on peripheral topics and only slowly coming to the point.
But we are digressing from a totally pointless and inane post here.
Another brave step, though it might seem very trivial is that he has avoided digressing from the singular plot by not invoking songs and other kitsch trappings.
Whether digressively or directly, at a walk or at a run, the motion is on the ground and by foot, putting its weight part by part onto the terrain to be covered.
He is also a world-champion digresser , sending out long skeins of words, which bend back and dissolve into the previous ones.
Anyway, my minor digression leads me to my point.