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dignitary / сановник, прелат, лицо, занимающее высокий пост
имя существительное
dignitary, grandee
prelate, dignitary
лицо, занимающее высокий пост
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a person considered to be important because of high rank or office.
As with Tours in the past, it is hoped to have a number of local dignitaries present to start off this year's event.
One of our guys rolled his oversize truck on a residential street in front of a visiting dignitary .
Helen looks slightly concerned and is relieved when a local dignitary merely congratulates her on her name day without a hint of expectation.
People are still held accountable for their actions, be it the simple breaking of a window, or the murder of a foreign dignitary , people cannot argue fate made them do it.
A local dignitary ushered off the last musical act and wished us a safe journey home.
Tanks from the Irish Army along with approximately 6,000 Irish troops in one of the biggest security operations ever mounted for a visiting dignitary .
Councillors and local dignitaries invited to the opening were equally enthused by the new centre.
These words were spoken by important dignitaries and by ordinary men and women.
As usual the government is keeping local dignitaries in the dark.
Among them were business leaders and civic dignitaries who helped raise £20,000.
The day dawned bright and sunny and the event was well attended by family, friends, local dignitaries and sponsors.