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dignify / величать, удостаивать, облагораживать
dignify, style
dignify, honor, deign, grace, vouchsafe, condescend
ennoble, elevate, refine, dignify, humanize, subtilize
make (something) seem worthy and impressive.
the Americans had dignified their departure with a ceremony
‘That's not a question,’ he responded, refusing to dignify the boneheaded inquiry.
When did we no longer appreciate that to dignify certain modes of behavior, manners, and ways of being with artistic representation was implicitly to glorify and promote them?
But if those seeking to understand the genome through bioinformatic and evolutionary analysis had had just one fraction of a percent of the funds available to the Consortium and Celera, they might have already achieved the transformation of mere data (let us not dignify it as "knowledge") into understanding?
What's causing you to dignify it by acting as if it's a worthy endeavor rather than yet another unnecessary cash-in attempt?
It's just that nowadays we feel the need to dignify our obsessions by passing them off as artistic or educational endeavours.
The guy has brought all his resources to bear to pay tribute to blue collar heroism, dignify mundane aspirations, memorialize the dead, and console the survivors.
If theirs is a hopeless cause in pursuit of impractical ideals, why dignify them in print?
The Scottish election will confirm that there is a crisis of democracy in Britain today, in so far as nearly half of us won't even bother to get out and dignify the great devolution experiment with a vote.
It ain't easy, but it ain't the Tour [and] we will not even dignify golfers in this discussion.
It is probably a waste of time to dignify this silliness.