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dignified / достойный, величественный, величавый
имя прилагательное
worthy, dignified, deserving, respectable, fit, exalted
majestic, magnificent, stately, grand, sublime, dignified
stately, majestic, dignified, statuesque, proud, noble
имя прилагательное
having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect.
she maintained a dignified silence
The Trust has been rightly praised for its efforts over the last year, conducting itself in a dignified manner, and its continued presence must be reassuring to fans during these troubled times.
The author profiles black Hollywood with a dignified respect it deserves.
And he was a very upright, dignified man, respected by one and all.
At this point I chose dignified silence over extended debate.
Visually and musically, the film retains a dignified composure.
You will be respected for your dignified demeanour.
However, I have chosen to keep a dignified silence and I will continue to do that.
And yet, it is maintaining a dignified silence.
We're also told that he will make a personal appeal to Congress to handle the nomination process in a dignified manner.
A discerning crowd that cheers the models, behaves in a dignified manner and overlooks any slight lapses in the show, encourages the models to put their best foot forward.