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digit / цифра, разряд, палец
имя существительное
numeral, figure, digit, number, numeric, character
discharge, rank, category, digit, class, rate
finger, pin, toe, digit, stud, claw
имя существительное
any of the numerals from 0 to 9, especially when forming part of a number.
This invention was the decimal system of numerals - nine digits and a zero.
a finger (including the thumb) or toe.
There are up to 17 phalanges (finger bones) in each digit .
The subject possessed two arms with a hand on each that consisted of two identical digits roughly the same size as a human index finger and a central major digit approximately as large as corncob.
Most of us would put the figure in a single digit in each metro.
In a decimal number, the actual value represented by a digit in that number is determined by the numeral and the position of the numeral within the number.
Predominant locations of ulcer occurrence are the submetatarsal areas, distal digits, and medial fifth digit .
Fingers spread over her thighs, each digit gave off a bright, fiery glow.
Specialists say the thumb - considered by many as an island because it is set apart from the other fingers - is among the least dexterous digit and is not meant to be rigorously worked out.
The first digit , or dew claw, is rudimentary but clawed and does not contact the ground.
This guy's got his finger in so many pies that said digit should be permanently blueberried.
It resulted in a cinema that jerks two fingers up at the mainstream and, at the same time, demonstrates a determination to jerk a single, rude digit up the backside of independent cinema.
There are up to 17 phalanges (finger bones) in each digit .