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digger / экскаватор, копатель, землеройная машина
имя существительное
excavator, digger, shovel, dredge, power shovel, dredger
землеройная машина
digger, earthmover
имя существительное
a person, animal, or large machine that digs earth.
a grave-digger
a man, especially a private soldier (often used as a friendly form of address).
how are you, Digger?
It appeared as if they used the bucket of the digger to try and lift the ATM machine off the ground.
Why is it that a soldier may be charged for not shaving daily, but is rarely asked by a commander ‘Did you brush you teeth today, digger ?’
I expect that the traditional qualities of the Australian digger , resolve, strength and compassion, will sustain us in the testing days to come.
Local Gardaí received a complaint from the local Church of Ireland rector on February 6 that many graves had been damaged by what appeared to be a mechanical digger .
The only sound was that of the digger 's massive engine as the machine moved forward and crushed the wooden fence at the end of the former front garden.
The ability of the Australian digger to think for himself and improvise is something that lots of other armies just don't have.
The driver of the digger jumped from the machine just before the engine collided with it.
When faced with the common question of what a digger does after the war, he is blunt and to the point - ‘I did every-bloody-thing’.
This cost him dearly with one of his most practical machines - the trench digger .
Their willingness to lend a hand and to help a mate typifies the spirit of the Aussie digger and the ethos of the Australian Army.