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digestive / пищеварительный, способствующий пищеварению
имя прилагательное
digestive, alimentary, peptic, pepsin
способствующий пищеварению
digestive, eupeptic, stomachic
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the process of digesting food.
stomach ulcers and other digestive disorders
имя существительное
a food or medicine that aids or promotes the digestion of food.
After the meal came a much-appreciated dressed green salad that worked as a digestive .
Omit it all together or try adding digestive herbs such as Chen Pi and Sha Ren.
The digestive process begins in the mouth as the food is chewed and ground to reduce the size of the pieces of ingested food.
It is frequently used as a digestive and, when made into an infusion and cooled, as an eye-wash and a cleanser for superficial wounds.
Peppermint is often gentler than other digestive herbs, such as ginger and cayenne; the aroma alone has a sedating and calming effect on many.
These include increased blood pressure, cancers of the mouth and upper digestive system, cirrhosis of the liver, and pancreatic and other digestive disorders.
A potent immune-booster, it fights infections and can help with digestive disorders, urinary tract infections and PMS.
In fact, ginkgo was used by the Chinese as a digestive and kidney tonic for thousands of years before brain attributes were discovered by modern scientists.
After the meal came a much-appreciated dressed green salad that worked as a digestive .
Surely he could be persuaded to have a chocolate digestive .
The basic symptoms of stress are headaches, migraine, hypertension, and digestive disorders to name a few.