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digestion / пищеварение, усвоение, усвоение пищи
имя существительное
assimilation, digestion, adoption
усвоение пищи
имя существительное
the process of breaking down food by mechanical and enzymatic action in the alimentary canal into substances that can be used by the body.
Different regions of the digestive tract are concerned with storage, secretion, the processes of food digestion , absorption, and the elimination of waste products.
Animal studies have shown that many spices induce higher secretion of bile acids which play a vital role in fat digestion and absorption.
In addition, they typically assess everyday body processes, such as appetite, digestion , defecation, urination, and sleep.
He was proud of his good digestion and excellent health.
You need water for all bodily processes, including digestion , waste excretion, circulation and even breathing.
Fluid affects our breathing, digestion and excretion.
This assay does not require enzyme digestion or electrophoretic separation of DNA fragments.
Signs and symptoms vary depending on which nerves are affected but can range from dizziness to trouble with digestion and urination to sexual difficulties.
Once saliva has begun the process of digestion , food passes to the stomach, located in the middle Sanjiao (middle triple burner) area.
It plays important roles in digestion and metabolism.
Stress, drugs and other chemicals, and a low-fiber diet can destroy these friendly bacteria and disrupt normal digestion and absorption of food.