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digestible / удобоваримый, легко усваиваемый
имя прилагательное
digestible, eupeptic
легко усваиваемый
имя прилагательное
(of food) able to be digested.
In the meantime he's got about five blankets on him and we're trying him on easily digestible food to build up his strength.
It acts as ‘crude fibre’ or ‘roughage’, an inert, bulky medium which helps to carry digestible food through the system.
In reality, they rarely delve deeper than a brief glance past easily digestible issues that affect cinema's primary consumer; the First World's middle class.
They feed their chicks with food that is digestible for the cuckoo chick, and they have a nest size and egg size that make it possible for the young cuckoo to eject the nest contents.
Microbes in the animals' stomachs help ferment grass and other foods into a digestible state, producing the offending gases.
Thankfully, the new accounting regulations will make this information more digestible .
Lobster meat is easily digestible and effortless to garnish for all occasions.
She excels in taking complex concepts and materials of all types and presenting them in such a clear and down-to-earth way that they are easily comprehensible and digestible .
In the pre-Web world, he published newsletters for software users that boiled down a complex subject into simple, digestible tidbits.
This is why it is completely digestible and functional and why many people who are allergic to other yeasts have no problem with this one.
The rich and diverse subject matter is presented in informative and digestible chunks, written with great clarity of language.