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digester / автоклав, кастрюля-скороварка
имя существительное
autoclave, digester, canner
pressure-cooker, digester
имя существительное
a container in which substances are treated with heat, enzymes, or a solvent in order to promote decomposition or extract essential components.
The digester gas is often burned to heat the digester .
The wood chips are placed in the digester and are cooked in a highly corrosive alkaline solution.
The waste will be run through a methane digester , a tank in which bacteria break down the feces to create methane.
The digester gas is often burned to heat the digester .
The composting units would use household organic waste to create natural fertiliser and the anaerobic digesters would produce methane gas which could be used to generate electricity and create home heating.
Two digesters will then produce methane to power engines to make electricity.