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digest / дайджест, сборник, справочник
имя существительное
digest, tank, miscellany, header, miscellanea
directory, handbook, reference book, catalog, manual, digest
assimilate, digest, internalize, adopt, master, imbibe
имя существительное
a compilation or summary of material or information.
a digest of their findings
a substance or mixture obtained by digestion.
a digest of cloned DNA
break down (food) in the alimentary canal into substances that can be absorbed and used by the body.
In terms of the western view of digestion, food is digested in the stomach and passed on to the small intestines where the nutrients in the food are absorbed and distributed to all tissues and cells of the body through the blood circulation.
Would you rather receive our daily news digest in your in-box each morning?
Their stomachs can't digest other foods properly until this age.
You'll be able to see this new series of articles in our lunchtime e-mail, with some articles appearing in the weekly digest .
A number of clones from each digest were isolated.
It's a morning digest of California political news, with a bit of attitude thrown in.
The largest ever digest of Irish High Court and Supreme Court judgements will be launched by the Chief Justice this week.
A digest of the information is provided on separate pages, along with the profession of the head of the family, and the residential telephone number.
Both of these sources are aggregation services: they gather together high quality links and references into a handy digest .
Because of the stress of the burn injury, stomach activity decreases and the patient is unable to digest food or fluid.
It offers a weekly digest of the best postings on their discussion forums, finance news and stock market movements.