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diffuse / диффундировать, распространять, рассеивать
distribute, spread, disseminate, extend, propagate, diffuse
scatter, dissipate, dispel, disperse, diffuse, disseminate
имя прилагательное
dispelled, dispersed, dissipated, diffuse, distracted, disseminated
scattered, diffuse, straggling, strewn, sparse, rambling
vague, blurred, diffuse, indistinct, nebulous, general
имя прилагательное
spread out over a large area; not concentrated.
the diffuse community centered on the church
spread or cause to spread over a wide area or among a large number of people.
technologies diffuse rapidly
It's refreshing these days to be reminded how good film can be when film-makers don't plane every rough edge and diffuse each harsh ray of sun, like make-over artists gone berserk.
They need at least six hours a day of indirect sunlight; if direct sun can't be avoided, diffuse the light with a shade or sheer curtain.
Everywhere people are promenading, basking in the miraculous light: warm, long, slanting, at once brilliant and diffuse .
Upstairs, etched glass light wells diffuse luminance into the restaurant and glazed screens enclose private rooms.
Defined in parallel with synesthesia as the blending of images or concepts, metaphor enables us to make concrete what is diffuse , familiar what is unfamiliar.
I find this area diffuse with a billion reasons advanced for becoming serious or evasive over serious music.
At the national level, however, this kind of more direct control is more difficult to achieve given the complex and diffuse nature of patronage networks.
We are interested in ideas, stories and voices that are overlooked by the dominant media, and in contributing to a more diverse and diffuse public culture.
The large painting is strangely diffuse and lacking in structure for that master of tight, well-ordered composition.
His choice of difficult and often diffuse texts, with which most students of of the classics have but a passing acquaintance, means that his services are not always recognized.