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difficult / трудный, тяжелый, нелегкий
имя прилагательное
difficult, hard, tough, tight, arduous, troublesome
heavy, hard, severe, difficult, grave, heavyweight
difficult, heavy
имя прилагательное
needing much effort or skill to accomplish, deal with, or understand.
she had a difficult decision to make
My character in the film had a very difficult father and there was one scene in which she had to stand up to him.
That might be difficult for those schools which only allocate an hour for the subject.
It said passive smoking not only killed but also made it more difficult for smokers to quit.
Doctors are a dedicated lot, mostly doing a superb job under difficult circumstances.
I was also a union steward at that time involved in long and difficult negotiations.
it's a difficult time
it's a very difficult text
He has succeeded in showing us that he is a difficult man, but that needed no great mastery.
There was a spell when it was difficult for me to choose between certain players.
It was not difficult for me to step up, but I had to show a lot more concentration.