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differentiate / дифференцировать, дифференцироваться, различать
distinguish, differ, discern, differentiate, discriminate, perceive
recognize or ascertain what makes (someone or something) different.
children can differentiate the past from the present
make or become different in the process of growth or development.
the receptors are developed and differentiated into sense organs
transform (a function) into its derivative.
In his reply Leibniz gave some details of the principles of his differential calculus including the rule for differentiating a function of a function.
The chain rule will allow us to differentiate functions that consist of exponential brackets.
children can differentiate the past from the present
Once B cells have come into contact with an antigen they proliferate and differentiate into antibody secreting cells.
The chapter on the challenges of bird identification explains how to differentiate similar species, such as the downy and the hairy woodpecker.
This is the first challenge in the process of managing spam: how to get a computer to analyze these strings to recognize and differentiate the welcome from the unwelcome emails.
In summary, the modern international system displays six sharp distinctions that differentiate it from those of the ancient and classical world.
the cells differentiate into a wide variety of cell types
The proposed new development is sympathetic to the existing church structure, but recognises the need to differentiate this new building from the old one.
We distinguish four dimensions that differentiate federal systems.
If so, they must also determine how to differentiate their product.