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differential / дифференциал
имя существительное
differential, differential gear, increment
имя прилагательное
differential, discriminating
differentiated, differential, varied
distinctive, distinguishing, differential, discriminating, discriminative, discriminatory
имя прилагательное
of, showing, or depending on a difference; differing or varying according to circumstances or relevant factors.
the differential achievements of boys and girls
имя существительное
a difference between amounts of things.
the differential between gasoline and diesel prices
Here the Fréchet differential plays a decisive role.
A differential amplifier was constructed and has many advantages for a variety of applications.
Prevention and intervention strategies, in order to be inclusive, will need to be mindful of the differential contributions of these factors in the lives of girls.
A majority of American states either mandate or permit manual recounting when the differential between the machine vote totals for opposing candidates is within a certain margin.
He then locked up the differential on his rear axles, tried it again, got a bit of traction, pulled forward, thought he could then back in, tried that, and got stuck again.
The differential expression of mammalian genes depending on the sex of the parent from which they are inherited is known as genomic imprinting.
Examples of Type II devices are an inclinometer and a longitudinal differential floor profilometer which both have 12-inch sensor wheel spacing.
Tests for interaction or trend, however, did not suggest differential benefits according to smoking habit in either trial.
Rail-to-rail input common mode range differential amplifier that operates with very low rail-to-rail voltages
The differential between the New Zealand and Australian corporate tax regimes needed to be addressed as a ‘matter of priority’.