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differ / отличаться, различаться, отличать
differ, differentiate, differ from
differ, differentiate
differ, distinguish, differentiate, difference, discern, discriminate
be unlike or dissimilar.
the second set of data differed from the first
tastes differ
tastes differ, especially in cars
It sounds kind of reductionist to sum people up by their musical tastes and how they differ from yours.
They are dotted across the spectrum, and differ widely from area to area.
Conservatives differ in terms of which of these approaches we think is the best.
It's hard to generalise about plot prices, as they will differ widely by size and location.
The activities of ripening-related enzymes also differ widely between species.
I personally would argue strongly for the right of anyone to differ with me.
Do the majority and dissenting opinions differ about how to characterize them?
As with any group there may be differing points of view on subjects brought to the list.