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dietitian / диетврач, диетсестра
имя существительное
dietician, dietitian, nutritionist
nutritionist, dietitian, nurse-dietitian
имя существительное
an expert on diet and nutrition.
All programs have registered nurses and many have physical therapists, exercise physiologists, registered dietitians , occupational therapists and psychologists.
For optimal care, a registered dietitian should perform nutrition evaluation and follow-up.
If you have concerns specific to your child's diet, talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian .
These were often the dietitians working both as the clinical dietitian and the nutrition manager.
The clinic dietitian can give you information about improving your diet.
He recommended that the whole family learn about the components of a healthy diet and made a referral to the dietitian .
Why shouldn't we see a future of public-private partnerships where supermarket nutritionists work with NHS dietitians and patients to help improve eating habits and culinary skills?
Specifically targeting children aged between ten and 15 years old, overweight children will be referred on to the new trial project by doctors, practice nurses, dieticians , health visitors and school nurses.
Family physicians must also get higher pay and should be able to team up with nurse practitioners, dieticians and other health experts to offer a wider range of services.
A dietician and cardiac physical therapist will see you during your hospital stay.
Patients will have access to interdisciplinary teams of health care professionals, which may include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and other health care providers.