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dietetic / диетический
имя прилагательное
dietary, dietetic
имя существительное
специалист по диететике
имя прилагательное
concerned with diet and nutrition.
experienced dietetic advice
We need imaginative and inventive dietitians to nourish dietetic practice, to move it forward.
The first step is to obtain a detailed medical and nutritional history, including use of dietetic food products.
As dietitians primarily employed in long-term care, our common experience was that our traditional teaching hospital dietetic internships had not prepared us for work in continuing care facilities.
This will increase awareness and access to the research of the Canadian nutrition and dietetic community.
Many dietitians have promoted dietetic research for decades to get it on the agenda of health care facilities.
The dietetics report included a discussion of limitations to effective dietetic practice.
While dietetic practitioners are in the best position to ask research questions relevant to practice, clinical dietitians have been reluctant to become involved in research.
Earlier I mentioned dietitians from the past who have helped shape the dietetic profession.
These waiting lists are for diagnostic procedures, treatments, and dietetic counselling, to name just a few.
Egg and milk are the commonest allergens and should be considered if severe eczema persists despite adequate treatment, in which case dietetic advice should be sought.