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dietary / диетический
имя прилагательное
dietary, dietetic
имя существительное
diet, dietary, regime, regimen
ration, allowance, rate, dietary
имя прилагательное
of or relating to diets or dieting.
dietary advice for healthy skin and hair
имя существительное
a regulated or restricted diet.
Do they have to change their diet, is there a dietary intervention as well to get that sort of weight loss, or do they just continue as before?
Your total cholesterol is the result of dietary cholesterol and the cholesterol the liver produces itself.
The ADA, however, has not acknowledged the effects of dietary fiber on glycemic control.
I hope this article will offer insight into the risks, benefits, and indications for use of this dietary therapy.
She admitted to the consumption of some grapes, and the dietary advice was repeated.
Claims of the health benefits of foods, food components and a wide array of herbal and other dietary aids abound in the media.
We assessed diet with the dietary instrument for nutrition education score, and we assessed smoking and exercise with the health practices index.
I took the hint, and had the immense gratification of seeing many similar patients miraculously restored to health by ascorbic acid and dietary advice.
Smoking is the major risk factor for chronic respiratory symptoms, but dietary factors may also play a role.
There were higher maternal lead concentrations among women in the lowest quartile of dietary calcium intake.