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diddle / надувать, обманывать, разводить
inflate, swell, distend, finagle, diddle, swindle
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, diddle
breed, dilute, raise, grow, cultivate, diddle
cheat or swindle (someone) so as to deprive them of something.
he thought he'd been diddled out of his change
pass time aimlessly or unproductively.
why diddle around with slow costly tests?
have sexual intercourse with (someone).
Does he want proof that I am not trying to diddle the taxman?
why diddle around with slow costly tests?
Why do they diddle and dawdle while real-life families suffer?
I don't give anybody my credit card numbers, and don't try to diddle me.
Make sure you take advice from a solicitor who will be able to tell you if an agency is trying to diddle you or not!
As we fiddle, and diddle and argue about this issue, it is going on in places like Europe and China and India and we could be falling behind here.
Like everyone else, he was shocked to see her charming new husband dishing out dodgy advice and even trying to diddle Emily and the Duckworths out of their life-savings.
Here he says the city is still either diddling or dithering and anyway people only keep saying Munich because it's the only big one they've got to mention.
Secure in their prominence, most of the bond ‘masters’ would even look askance at playing along with the rubber bullet ruse - leave that to those wannabes diddling with stocks, credit default swaps, or the emerging markets.
Disgust and anger were widespread in the labour movement this week as more workers were diddled out of their entitlements in a corporate sleight-of-hand.