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diction / дикция, стиль, манера выражения мыслей
имя существительное
diction, enunciation, elocution, utterance
style, fashion, manner, tone, language, diction
манера выражения мыслей
выбор слов
манера выражаться
parlance, diction
имя существительное
the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing.
Wordsworth campaigned against exaggerated poetic diction
the style of enunciation in speaking or singing.
she began imitating his careful diction
‘Listening to Nat Cole prompted me to sing sentimental songs with distinct diction ,’ he said at Blueberry Hill.
Wordsworth campaigned against exaggerated poetic diction
Horace certainly employs metaphors, but metonymy is by far the more common trait in his poetry and brings his use of language closer to a vernacular diction .
She emphasised diction and clarity of speech and Una recalls students emerged from a multi-cultural education talking as if they had been to RADA.
While there is much to praise on the whole about Shepherd's language, his diction is elevated to such a level at times that it can feel stilted or in conflict with the subject matter.
This question of register or diction , is, however, a choice that every translator makes for him or herself.
But the grasp she had on the written word, on the inner springs and impulses of the language, made grammar and syntax and diction resemble the laws of physics.
she began imitating his careful diction
And later, these men and women had to do a minute analysis of one another's diction , style, language, and so on.
His diction is amazingly clear and even when he sings, every word is audible.