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dictatorship / диктатура
имя существительное
имя существительное
government by a dictator.
forty years of dictatorship
This is not democracy, it is dictatorship , and it is borderline fascism.
It is an advance on dictatorship or autocracy and has had to be fought for and won.
We aren't fighting to support a corrupt military dictatorship , we're fighting to destroy one.
I absolutely believe in a dictatorship when it comes to leading my band.
the effects of forty years of dictatorship
forty years of dictatorship
When I was growing up, I was taught that communism leads to dictatorship and capitalism leads inevitably to democracy.
The word dictatorship conjures up an image of repression, especially for anyone who has suffered under a right wing dictatorship or in a Stalinist state.
The mayhem of World War II was followed by more than 40 years of Communist dictatorship in Central and Eastern Europe.
Religious dominance of politics will only push democracy into anarchy and dictatorship .