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dictatorial / диктаторский, повелительный, властный
имя прилагательное
dictatorial, dogmatic, magisterial, dog-cheap
imperative, imperious, peremptory, authoritative, jussive, dictatorial
domineering, imperious, overbearing, authoritative, masterful, dictatorial
имя прилагательное
of or typical of a ruler with total power.
a dictatorial regime
He will be autocratic and dictatorial , and things will only happen his way or not at all.
Bishops who toed his line were given land, tax exemptions and dictatorial powers.
Chile's return to democracy was preceded by 17 years of dictatorial rule.
Mussolini was not in a position whereby he could assert his authority and it is probable that the extent of his dictatorial powers never did equal those acquired by Hitler.
She is not, of course; but does her work have overtones of a totalitarian or dictatorial mentality?
Such violent protests might have been tolerated in the past because there were no other channels for expressing opinions during the dictatorial regimes.
This corrupt and dictatorial regime is fully backed by the western powers.
The citizenry of totalitarian or violently dictatorial states have no legitimate means to discharge this fear.
Trotsky even hinted that if, as seemed likely, Russia was again attacked by foreign powers, he would ask for dictatorial powers and direct the war effort.
Only undemocratic, dictatorial and authoritarian countries would seek to deprive the right of others to speak.