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dictator / диктатор
имя существительное
dictator, Fuhrer
имя существительное
a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force.
Nevertheless, even absolute monarchs or totalitarian dictators are constrained by forces beyond their control.
a machine that records words spoken into it, used for personal or administrative purposes.
The strategy of the dictator Fabius prevented further losses.
In the early first century BC the dictator Sulla sought to eliminate his opponents by ‘proscribing’ the names of all those who were declared to be traitors.
We have struggled courageously to topple the dictator and establish democracy.
He defeated Pompey's troops in many battles and became the dictator of Rome.
Caesar was a warlord and a dictator , but if one can look past that, as ridiculous as it sounds, then one would also notice that Caesar did a lot of good for Rome.
We opposed him from day one, because it was clear that he was a socialist dictator and a tyrant.
the prewar era was a period whose apple-cheeked dictator was Doris Day
Why bother, ask many commentators, expending moral indignation on a totalitarian dictator who is universally despised?
Stalin has metamorphosed into a totalitarian dictator intent on conquest, and the storm clouds of a new conflict gather.
The Society took its name from the Roman dictator Fabius, nicknamed ‘Cunctator’, or delayer.