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dictation / диктант, диктовка, диктат
имя существительное
dictate, diktat, dictation
имя существительное
the action of saying words aloud to be typed, written down, or recorded on tape.
the dictation of letters
the action of giving orders authoritatively or categorically.
An autonomous body that must not, and will not, take dictation from any other local authority.
This raises the suspicion that such work resulted from a process of dictation and transcription.
Visiting an orphanage where she loved to spend time with the children, she got talking with a lame girl after setting them an exercise in dictation .
Teachers observed the children, gave dictation , asked them to recite poetry they had learnt by heart, and used plenty of learning material for which they had to read and understand.
Nelson had a small table in his quarters on board his flagship and a single secretary to take dictation , translate foreign letters and newspapers, make copies, and file documents.
passages for dictation
Nor was he content to see Miller resign himself to a job of taking dictation from high school coaches.
Next time I do a running dictation I'm going to use Paradise Lost as the text.
The ‘stating’ here usually consists of intraverbal control, where the source of the intraverbals is conceptual stimulus control, rather than transcription or dictation .
Johnson describes seven benchmarks of writing development, and explains the value of employing dictation , drawing, scribbling, and temporary spelling in early writing programs.
We will not accept dictation from anybody as to how our conference is organised.