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dictate / диктовать, продиктовать, предписывать
prescribe, enjoin, ordain, order, dictate, enact
имя существительное
dictate, diktat, dictation
order, precept, injunction, instruction, warrant, dictate
имя существительное
an order or principle that must be obeyed.
the dictates of fashion
lay down authoritatively; prescribe.
the tsar's attempts to dictate policy
say or read aloud (words to be typed, written down, or recorded on tape).
I have four letters to dictate
He's enabling the Bears to control the ball and dictate the tempo of games.
It's one thing to ask a correspondent to agree to terms of confidentiality before they read the message, but to dictate the terms afterwards?
‘I could dictate the words to you,’ he offered, sticking out a hand to receive the book.
There are rules which dictate where tiles may be placed, but these are quite liberal and not very restrictive.
I didn't let other people dictate to me what path to follow.
I don't want to dictate to smokers, but I also don't feel that my other customers and staff should have to inhale it.
Milton's blindness forced him to dictate to an amanuensis.
But Ms O'Sullivan said it is not Mr Dempsey's place to dictate to teachers the format of their conferences.
But I am a whole and complete person, and I cannot let those people dictate to me what role I'm supposed to play in society.
What state laws give them the authority to create their own rules and dictate to property owners what they can and cannot do?