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dicker / десяток, дюжина, обмен
имя существительное
ten, decade, dicker
dozen, dicker
exchange, swap, metathesis, interchange, trade, dicker
торговаться по мелочам
engage in petty argument or bargaining.
she advised him not to dicker over the extra fee
treat something casually or irresponsibly; toy with something.
there was no dickering with the lyrics
They dicker and dicker and do everything they can to avoid paying for it.
The new audience would be all of those who have ever figured they were getting screwed when they tried to argue for a raise, dicker with cantankerous suppliers, sell a used car, or buy a new house.
Reaching out to touch her collar, he smiled; ‘And what do you think this trader you're going to dicker with is going to think when you walk in wearing this?’
she advised him not to dicker over the extra fee
In Simms's world, there is no reason anymore for shoppers to visit a classic used-car lot, where they might see a selection of 150 or so cars that forces them to figure out what comes closest to their desires - and then to dicker over price.
But the plan has stalled as Morocco and Polisario dicker over who is eligible to vote in the referendum.
Sam advised him not to dicker over the extra fee
For my money, the whole point of making/charging the sigil is to dicker around with one's subconscious mind, and thus dicker around with causality.
I don't want to dicker so I'm fine with the offer, which is about $20K less than the asking price.
‘Let's not dicker over minor issues,’ says Prof. Zhang Yansheng of Beijing's Central University of Finance and Economics.