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diaspora / диаспора, рассеяние
имя существительное
dissipation, dispersion, leakage, diaspora
имя существительное
Jews living outside Israel.
Even if, as Sharon postulates, there is a further incoming of 1 million Jews from the diaspora , there is an inevitability about population trends which would threaten the very existence of a Jewish state.
Themes of emigration, pilgrimage, diaspora , exile and new homelands are woven into the psalms and canticles.
Stephen Marks remarked that the diaspora were supporting Israel as a form of ‘insurance policy’ Zionism.
In Her Body Knows, the second novella, Rotem returns to Israel from the diaspora to her dying mother, Nili.
Jewish people remember the diaspora well; this is why they are Jewish people.
For almost three decades he has helped to build and sustain a transnational epistemic community dedicated to the study of the diaspora .
Apart from members of the diaspora investing back home, the government should help Indian industry set up base in countries where there is a significant Indian diaspora .
Gloria Wekker offers an insightful perspective on female sexual behaviors in the diaspora that reflect both female and male Western sexual behavior.
For subsequent generations of the diaspora , the cultural climate they are reared in is far more compelling a force than a romanticised India their earlier generations may be nostalgic about.
It is these shared practices that enable the diaspora to create and critique its idea of community and home.
Their experiences contribute another chapter to a small literature on the diaspora of Italian Jews to Australia as a result of Mussolini's racial decrees.