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diary / дневник, записная книжка, записная книжка-календарь
имя существительное
diary, journal, day book
записная книжка
notebook, diary, sketchpad, pocketbook, jotter
записная книжка-календарь
имя существительное
a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.
I resolved to keep a diary of events during the war
A video diary was kept during the trip and has been used to produce a TV documentary.
During all this time every half hour I faithfully updated the electronic diary the consumer people sent me.
How can anyone touched by the eloquent pages of Anne Frank's diary become an anti-Semite?
His diary records the belief that the British would easily defeat the Japanese.
The diary reveals all of her feelings that she doesn't want anyone to see.
Now, after a winter away from performing, Suzy has a diary full of engagements once more.
Eligible patients completed a baseline headache diary for four weeks.
In either case, keep a diary or other written record of events.
I shall write in this diary every night, so that if something happens, there'll at least be some kind of record.
There is news this week of a couple of races for your diary - neither has received much publicity elsewhere.