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diarist / человек, ведущий дневник
имя существительное
человек, ведущий дневник
имя существительное
a person who writes a diary.
He looks through the eyes of Roman historians, diarists like Samuel Pepys, and novelists like Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte and Virginia Woolf.
Samuel Pepys, the great diarist , died exactly 300 years ago on May 26th, 1703.
There he is on the front cover - a corpulent fellow with pink cheeks and a long, grey wig, staring out at us with a hint of arrogance: Samuel Pepys, the great diarist .
Samuel Pepys, the diarist , recorded having curds and cream or whey as a snack on several occasions.
The English diarist James Boswell wrote in 1769, only a year after the Genoese ceded the island to France, of the excellence and diversity of Corsican wines.
It's meant a lot to me over the years, has helped me stretch myself, improve my skills as a writer and a diarist , and, now and again, has been a listening ear when I needed one.
She sleeps poorly and writes like a teenage diarist .
The diarist John Evelyn describes Bacon at ease in his garden accompanied by a servant with inkhorn and quill to record his thoughts.
Macmillan was a bookish man, an avid reader and a prolific diarist and writer.
Tony Benn has many of the attributes of a great diarist akin to Horace Walpole or Charles Greville and, like these two, he comes from the outer fringes of the titled classes.
In Wuthering Heights Catherine Earnshaw's old books and scrawled, diaristic notations discovered by Heathcliff's hapless tenant afford a spiritual channeling scene in which Catherine's ghost is summoned from the beyond.