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diaphanous / прозрачный, просвечивающий
имя прилагательное
transparent, clear, limpid, crystalline, crystal, diaphanous
translucent, transparent, diaphanous, transpicuous, gauzy
имя прилагательное
(especially of fabric) light, delicate, and translucent.
a diaphanous dress of pale gold
At every shop window she checked out her reflection and her several diaphanous layers of bold, floral-printed skirt, top and shawl.
When I arrived back at his house, Amy was already wearing her seventies outfit - a knee-length dress of diaphanous purple and blue flowers.
Creatures have recognizable parts - but in the sea they can be diaphanous clouds of membrane, without eyes, face, stomach, spine, or brain.
The gauzy fabric was extremely soft and light, yet somehow not diaphanous .
Women dancers were dressed in diaphanous white frocks with little wings at their waist, and were bathed in the mysterious poetic light created by newly developed gas lighting in theatres.
Like Robert Irwin, he uses diaphanous fields to capture light, and hovering surfaces to question the fixity of architectural space.
The canvas is almost 5 feet tall, and it shows her in a light turquoise satin and chiffon dress with short diaphanous sleeves.
The goddess, clad in a diaphanous robe, overawes the medieval demoiselles who have gathered to admire their reflections in a mountain pool.
Even more amazingly, especially in the ravishing performance of Debussy's orchestral seascapes, they bring a chamber music-like transparency to this diaphanous score.
Light filters through the diaphanous structure, supplementing cool north light for those exhibits that can be exposed to daylight.