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diaper / подгузник, пеленка, узорчатое полотно
имя существительное
diaper, nappy, napkin
diaper, nappy, napkin
узорчатое полотно
swaddle, diaper, swathe, enswathe
украшать ромбовидным узором
завертывать в пеленки
имя существительное
a piece of absorbent material wrapped around a baby's bottom and between its legs to absorb and retain urine and feces.
Leave baby's diaper off for a few minutes and let the bottom air-dry.
a linen or cotton fabric woven in a repeating pattern of small diamonds.
Did you know that the word diaper is the name of the type of linen used to make what was then called a napkin or clout for a baby?
put a diaper on (a baby).
Meanwhile, the baby was checked, weighed, and diapered .
decorate (a surface) with a repeating geometric or floral pattern.
The dating of the border, with its pale blue relief diapering , is interesting, since it indicates when this variation of the famille verte genre was popular.
The gods and goddesses are overlarge for the spaces they occupy and rest somewhat uncertainly on plinths made up of diaper pattern.
Each frieze register is composed of a compact diaper pattern of diamond-shaped leiwen lozenges and is framed at the top and bottom by small circles.
Who could get wildly excited at the thought of late-night bottle feeds, sore gums and diaper changes at that point in their lives?
The ways that children will indicate their need for a bowel movement will vary, such as stopping an activity for a few seconds, their face turning red, or the clutching of their diaper .
The tops of the legs are headed by weird lions' masks making a meal of acanthus leaves and the background is criss-crossed with a diaper pattern.
Symptoms include fever lasting two to three days, sore throat, runny nose, mouth ulcers, rashes on the hands, feet and diaper areas, and vomiting and diarrhea.
Leave baby's diaper off for a few minutes and let the bottom air-dry.
Some parents sew a pocket in the seat of their child's pants and pad it with a piece of diaper .
Its decoration consists of incised lines forming a diaper pattern, interspersed with a punched design of tiny triangular forms arranged like the petals of a flower.
The college buildings, of red brick with blue diaper patterning, are grouped around two courtyards.