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diamond / бриллиант, алмаз, диамант
имя существительное
diamond, brilliant, rock, adamant, minikin
diamond, adamant
diamond, brilliant
имя прилагательное
украшать бриллиантами
имя существительное
a precious stone consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.
Boucheron won the day, and will be auctioning an exquisite brooch of diamonds , rock crystal, topaz and emeralds, with the cash donated to the new foundation.
a figure with four straight sides of equal length forming two opposite acute angles and two opposite obtuse angles; a rhombus.
decorative diamond shapes
They are normally used as industrial abrasives, in diamond drilling equipment, or in glass cutting knives.
If the led card is the 6, you may play any card you wish, being void in the diamond suit and thus unable to follow it.
He then used a handheld planetary polishing tool with diamond cutting pads to put a high grit finish on the surface.
Score the inner side in a diamond pattern with the tip of a small, sharp knife and then cut into 5cm / 2inch squares.
To rebuild the baseball diamond at Manzanar is to thank them for retaining their faith in this country, even when they had no reason to do so.
We, like everyone else, have come to expect the extraordinary from Garciaparra on a baseball diamond .
The striking blue diamond shape that dominates the poster is inspired by the cluster of six pyramid-like buildings that comprise the museum complex.
she led a losing diamond
Walking over from his position at third base, Foy crossed the field toward the first base side of the diamond and delivered his own message to Tillotson.
The basic pattern of external eye muscles is a diamond shape.