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diameter / диаметр, поперечник
имя существительное
diameter, caliber, calibre
имя существительное
a straight line passing from side to side through the center of a body or figure, especially a circle or sphere.
The sine wave through the diameter of the circle is the ideal and basic pulse wave.
a unit of linear measurement of magnifying power.
In the photograph above, for instance, eggs from the Central American stick-insect genus Bacteria are shown, magnified roughly fifteen diameters ; the brown, knobby protruberances are the capitula.
Work the screwdriver around to increase the diameter of the hole until it is slightly smaller than the wooden dowel.
Using a micrometer to measure the field diameter of the microscope is recommended.
Learning about things like the Civil War and how to calculate the diameter of a circle just wasn't of interest to me.
Objects from 1 to 10 cm in size - about the diameter of a salad bowl - cause the real worry.
The circle with diameter BC intersects the sides AB and AC at M and N respectively.
He was the first to resolve Kepler's Problem on cutting a semicircle in a given ratio by a line through a given point on its diameter .
Root area was calculated by using the diameter of a circle with equal circumference.
The diameter of the inscribing sphere of the rhombic dodecahedron was 8.34 nm.
The best of these fruits, which range in size from the diameter of a pea to that of a cherry tomato, can compete with blooms for beauty.
The first dorsal fin has four rays, the lips are smooth and are roughly the same thickness as the diameter of the eye.