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dialer / дозвона
имя существительное
a device or piece of software for calling telephone numbers automatically.
hackers can break in with speed dialers
Through the dialer , users' modems are silently disconnected, then reconnected to the internet through an international long-distance number.
The dialer can detect busy, no answer, voice mail, fax/modem or human response and instantly connect the line with an available agent.
The predictive dialer is the foundation of the modem outbound contact center; for years it has been the technology of choice for telemarketing, telesales and fundraising campaigns.
The predictive dialer 's pacing algorithm controls the dialing rate in an effort to minimize agent idle time and maximize productivity.
A rogue dialler is software that installs a premium rate number as the default dial-up number on a victim's computer without his knowledge, resulting in an unexpectedly expensive call every time the computer connects to the internet.
a handheld computer phone dialler
ActiveX can also be used to download spyware, hijackers, dialers and ad ware.
When you consider the security risks from spyware, Trojans, diallers and attempted identity theft spam becomes much more than just an annoyance - it becomes a minefield for any computer user.
Under Federal Communications Commission regulations it is illegal for telemarketers to use automated diallers to call cell phone numbers.
Software installed on victims' PCs varies from porn diallers to spyware and adware packages.