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dialect / диалект, говор, наречие
имя существительное
dialect, idiom, speech
dialect, speech, idiom
adverb, dialect
имя существительное
a particular form of a language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group.
this novel is written in the dialect of Trinidad
So, no prizes for guessing what this week's dialect word is.
There can therefore be no doubt that the scribe was a dialect speaker.
Many families speak Alsacien, a dialect peculiar to the region, quite different from either French or German.
He yelled at me in an archaic dialect of Spanish, and I understood every word.
The company has developed a dialect of C to create code for the microengines.
'achan' and 'chaon' are dialect forms of 'gach aon'
Although there is some overlap, dialect regions are generally separated by tracts of mostly unused sagebrush or forested areas.
this novel is written in the dialect of Trinidad
Informally, most residents speak a local English-based Creole dialect .
My mother broke the news to me in our native Hokkien Chinese dialect .