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dial / диск, циферблат, лимб
имя существительное
disk, disc, dial, blade, discus, turntable
dial, face, clock face, clock
limbo, limb, dial, radius
набирать номер
tune, attune, control, install, tone, dial
измерять по шкале
имя существительное
a face of a clock, watch, or sundial that is marked to show units of time.
The dial on your dive watch would send a Geiger counter into cardiac arrest.
call (a telephone number) by turning a disk with numbered holes or pressing a set of buttons.
he dialed room service
That pattern persists when we dial things up to 1600x1200 with 4XAA / 8XAF, where all three GPUs take roughly the same 58% hit.
In general, digital tuners seem to work better, and are certainly easier to setup, since you can dial in the exact desired frequency.
Much worse, I found that whenever I tried to dial a phone number the device reset itself.
I can now dial in the speed I require, anywhere from 25 to 60 mph, and relax.
This allows you to dial in reasonable settings in front of clients before switching in the processing.
Put on some headphones and twist the volume dial until it distorts beyond recognition.
it took only a moment to dial in the numbers
The dial on your dive watch would send a Geiger counter into cardiac arrest.
Most of the children are weighed, the smallest kicking and screaming as they are slipped into bags and suspended from scales, the dial sometimes barely registering their existence.
Next to the headphone port is a handy volume dial .