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diagram / схема, диаграмма, график
имя существительное
scheme, diagram, circuit, schema, pattern, chart
diagram, chart, figure, graph, pattern, plot
schedule, chart, graph, timetable, plot, diagram
имя прилагательное
graphic, graphical, diagram
изображать схематически
diagram, diagrammatize
составлять диаграмму
diagram, diagrammatize
имя существительное
a simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something; a schematic representation.
a diagram of the living room
represent (something) in graphic form.
the experiment is diagramed on page fourteen
For every birdhouse, you'll find a photo, an exploded diagram of all sides, and simple instructions.
I might instead attempt to diagram its structure, insofar as I am able to apprehend it.
she drew a diagram of the wiring
Follow the manufacturer's wiring diagram to make the connection to your power supply.
It is an attempt to diagram the allies, enemies, cousins, straw men, party followers, puppets, and courtiers and their relationships.
This diagram shows the complex structure of Saturn's magnetosphere.
a diagram of the living room
On the second point, I think the member has heard the explanation many times before: a graph or a diagram appeared in a document that was not authorised by the Prime Minister or me.
a diagram of the living room
Take note of all important aspects of the collision and then if possible diagram the exact position of the vehicles before and after the accident.