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diagnostic / диагностический
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
diagnosis, diagnostic
assessment, evaluation, rating, estimate, estimation, diagnostic
symptom, sign, indication, diagnostic
имя прилагательное
concerned with the diagnosis of illness or other problems.
a diagnostic tool
characteristic of a particular species, genus, or phenomenon.
the diagnostic character of having not one but two pairs of antennae
имя существительное
a distinctive symptom or characteristic.
But anaphora has never been taken seriously as a diagnostic for such a distinction.
the practice or techniques of diagnosis.
advanced medical diagnostics
The presence of lymphocytes themselves was not considered diagnostic .
If this fails, or the patient has severe or atypical symptoms, other diagnostic measures are indicated.
An exercise test should end when diagnostic criteria have been reached or when the patient's symptoms and signs dictate.
Bright yellow or orange fluorescence in response to NP is considered diagnostic for flavonoids.
Major ophthalmological textbooks list several signs and symptoms as being diagnostic for the cause of acute infectious conjunctivitis.
Among a random sample of those with no reported diabetes, plasma samples indicated just 2% had diagnostic signs of type 2 diabetes.
Most psychiatrists would recognise the symptoms as being diagnostic of the disorder.
The positions of primers used for PCR amplification and sequencing and the diagnostic PstI site are indicated.
This use of medication is different from the more traditional use to address Axis I diagnostic symptoms.
Using ICP-MS, he determined which elements were most diagnostic of a wine's region of origin.