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diagnose / диагностировать, ставить диагноз, распознавать
ставить диагноз
diagnose, make a diagnosis, diagnosticate
recognize, identify, distinguish, discern, discriminate, diagnose
identify the nature of (an illness or other problem) by examination of the symptoms.
doctors diagnosed a rare and fatal liver disease
two doctors failed to diagnose a punctured lung
Take time to find out about the tests and procedures that will help your doctor diagnose cancer.
Doctors usually diagnose the disease after studying the symptoms, and excluding other possible causes.
This manual is used by mental health care providers to diagnose psychiatric illnesses.
George was diagnosed with the potentially deadly condition days after his second birthday.
In fact, 64 percent of the patients surveyed were initially diagnosed by their primary-care doctor.
The American Cancer Society estimated that approximately 198,000 men were newly diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2001.
I was very fortunate to be in the care of the doctor who diagnosed Addison's disease when he came to visit me at home.
Her career was just taking off when she was diagnosed at the age of 35.
Four patients were diagnosed clinically as having an acute chest syndrome.