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diadem / диадема, венец, корона
имя существительное
diadem, tiara, coronet, garland
crown, corona, diadem, coronet, coronal
crown, corona, coronet, diadem, coronal
crown, coronate, diadem
венчать короной
имя существительное
a jeweled crown or headband worn as a symbol of sovereignty.
A small proportion of the graves contained exceptionally rich grave goods, including gold sceptres, diadems , pendants, and earrings as well as copper artefacts, pottery, and flint tools.
The description of the composition can be related to only one surviving picture by Raphael - the Madonna of the diadem in the Louvre - but this painting is rectangular, and no circular versions of it are known.
The exhibition also includes the Queen's diamond diadem , made for George IV's coronation in 1821 and known to millions as the ornament worn by the Queen on British coins and stamps.
From 330 his status was displayed in his court dress, which combined the traditional Macedonian hat and cloak with the Persian diadem , tunic, and girdle.
On a coin of Pompey the Great the bearded head of Numa appears in profile, wearing a diadem inscribed NVMA.
The diadem on her head was all that marked her as royalty.
Rather than present a remote and solemn goddess, adorned with the jewels of her divine position, Chen portrayed an aging woman, wrapped in a simple robe and unadorned, except for a bracelet and a diadem .
It will include Tutankhamun's royal diadem - the gold crown discovered on his head - and one of the canopic coffinettes that contained his mummified internal organs.
She'd been dressed in a sleek blue dress, a diadem placed on her head.
he refused the diadem of all the Caesars
Here are some of the jewels that have recently been added to the diadem .