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dexterity / ловкость, сноровка, проворство
имя существительное
agility, dexterity, skill, knack, sleight, adroitness
skill, dexterity, knack, proficiency, trick, craft
agility, nimbleness, quickness, dexterity, promptness, adroitness
имя существительное
skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands.
her dexterity with chopsticks
Of course the technique was specialized and required dexterity and experience to execute well.
Whenever he can, on most weekends and when guests are invited, Abnash dons the chef's cap and apron and handles pans and ladles with dexterity .
Scottish working people have traditionally valued intelligence and linguistic dexterity in their political leaders.
her dexterity with chopsticks
The Aborigines made a highly interesting exhibition of skill and dexterity in the use of the boomerang and throwing spears.
It thus encourages mental agility as well as physical dexterity , speed and good hand-eye co-ordination.
his record testifies to a certain dexterity in politics
As her dementia grows severe, she will struggle more with manual dexterity and motor functions, Leverenz says.
Kasia is a wonderful musician and plays the violin with great dexterity .
Known simply as hockey in North America, it is a fast and exciting game that requires from its players great skill, dexterity and physical stamina.