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dewlap / подгрудок, второй подбородок, сережка
имя существительное
dewlap, jowl
второй подбородок
dewlap, gill
shackle, catkin, ament, aglet, amentum, dewlap
имя существительное
a fold of loose skin hanging from the neck or throat of an animal or bird, especially that present in many cattle.
Exposed skin of the ceres, dewlaps , horns, bills or legs may be brightly colored red or blue.
The creature which is purely Indian is hump-backed, long horned, and sports a large dewlap .
I assure you that I make it a point to smile at least twice daily - to keep the dewlap under control.
In this species, males exhibit one of three ARTs that are correlated with variation in dewlap color.
In tree lizards, the male morphs are represented by differences in the coloration of the dewlap (throat fan) used in social communication.
Since 1960 the Southeast Asian nation has claimed the kouprey - an ox with spectacular crescent-shaped horns and a dewlap under its chin - as its national symbol.
They have a large dewlap or fatty lump on the back of the neck which, among other things, is useful for stopping the yoke from slipping off.
Fire burst from its open mouth, its eyes glowed with a smouldering glare, its muzzle and hackles and dewlap were outlined in flickering flame.
Androgen treatment of adult female tree lizards has also revealed potential genotypes underlying dewlap color in this species.
Burchell's zebras can be distinguished from mountain zebras by the possession of ‘shadow stripes’ on the back and hindquarters, and the absence of a dewlap .
Common sites of injection in birds include the wing web, wattle, dewlap , and interdigitary skin.