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dewdrop / росинка, капля росы
имя существительное
капля росы
dewdrop, pearl
имя существительное
a drop of dew.
‘She must run into the fields and collect the dewdrops for us,’ said the adviser.
One morning in meditation a thought arose in my consciousness: ‘Is a dewdrop sacred, or is it secular?’
But they are as ephemeral as a dewdrop and as illusionary as the pot of gold.
As he writes of one of his characters, ‘Calcutta is his universe; like a dewdrop , it holds within it the light and colours of the entire world.’
And since we know from experience that newborn newness is as temporary as a dewdrop we are making the most of it, short of keeping the little sleepies awake too long.
Some reduction sauce from his noisy devouring of the asado steak sticks to his hoary beard and glistens like a dewdrop .
Unlike dewdrops , which often sit on the surface of an object, water that attaches to salt actually becomes part of its crystalline structure and increases its volume.
Tiny dewdrops are falling like rain and its even biting in Dhaka where the temperature was around 11-14 degree Celsius.
A buttery shaft of sun slants through a stand of leafy chestnut trees, dappling a family of cottontails which has crept onto the 12th fairway to lick dewdrops from the English rye.
As the cool morning air filled his lungs he took a deep breath and smelled the scent of early dewdrops covering the forest ground.
Monarch butterflies that winter in California's Pismo Beach, especially males that had a demanding day, search out dewdrops as a water source.